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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 10c

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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 10c

  • Uddhava Spends the Night in Gokula Talking with Nanda
  • The Gopî Reveals Her Emotions: The Song of the Bee
  • Krishna Pleases His Devotees
  • Akrûra's Mission in Hastinâpura
  • Krishna Uses Jarâsandha and Establishes the City of Dvârakâ
  • The Deliverance of Mucukunda
  • The Lords Leap from a Mountain and Rukminî's Message to Lord Krishna
  • Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini
  • Rukmî's Defeat and Krishna Married
  • The History of Pradyumna
  • How the Syamantaka jewel Brought Krishna Jâmbavatî and Satyabhâmâ
  • Satrâjit Murdered, the Jewel Stolen and Returned Again
  • Krishna also Weds Kâlindî, Mitravindâ, Satyâ, Lakshmanâ and Bhadrâ
  • Mura and Bhauma Killed and the Prayers of Bhumi
  • Lord Krishna Teases Queen Rukminî
  • Lord Balarâma Slays Rukmî at Aniruddha's Wedding
  • Usha in Love and Aniruddha Apprehended
  • The Fever in Conflict and Banaasura Defeated
  • On Stealing from a Brahmin: King Nriga a Chameleon
  • Lord Balarâma in Vrindâvana and the Stream Divided
  • The False Vâsudeva Paundraka and His Son Consumed by Their Own Fire
  • Balarama Slays the Ape Dvivida
  • The Marriage of Sâmba and the Kuru City Dragged Trembling of His Anger
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    SOURCE: Translation: Anand Aadhar Prabhu, http://bhagavata.org/

    Production: the Filognostic Association of The Order of Time, with special thanks to Sakhya Devi Dasi for proofreading and correcting the manuscript. http://theorderoftime.com/info/guests-friends.html

    The sourcetexts, illustrations and music to this translation one can find following the links from: http://bhagavata.org/