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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 6

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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 6

  • Dharma and Adharma: the Life of Ajâmila
  • Ajâmila Delivered by the Vishnudûtas: the Motivation for the Holy Name
  • Yamarâja Instructs His Messengers
  • The Hamsa-guhya Prayers Offered to the Lord by Prajâpati Daksha
  • Nârada Muni Cursed by Prajâpati Daksha
  • The Progeny of the Daughters of Daksha
  • Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brihaspati
  • The Armor of Mantras that Protected Indra
  • Appearance of the Demon Vritrâsura
  • The Battle Between the Demigods and Vritrâsura
  • The Transcendental Qualities of Vritrâsura
  • Vritrâsura's Glorious Death
  • King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction
  • King Citraketu's Lamentation
  • The Saints Nârada and Angirâ Instruct King Citraketu
  • King Citraketu Meets the Supreme Lord
  • Mother Pârvatî Curses Citraketu
  • Diti Vows to Kill King Indra
  • Performing the Pumsavana Ritualistic Ceremony
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    SOURCE: Translation: Anand Aadhar Prabhu, http://bhagavata.org/

    Production: the Filognostic Association of The Order of Time, with special thanks to Sakhya Devi Dasi for proofreading and correcting the manuscript. http://theorderoftime.com/info/guests-friends.html

    The sourcetexts, illustrations and music to this translation one can find following the links from: http://bhagavata.org/