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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 9

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Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) Conto 9

  • King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman
  • The Dynasties of Six of the Sons of Manu
  • The Marriage of Sukanya and Cyavana Muni
  • King Ambarisha Offended by Sage Durvasa
  • Durvasa Saved: the Cakra-prayers of Ambarisha
  • The Downfall of Saubhari Muni
  • The Descendants of King Mândhâtâ
  • The Sons of Sagara Meet Lord Kapiladeva
  • The Dynasty of Amsumân
  • The Pastimes of Lord Ramacandra
  • Lord Ramacandra Rules the World
  • The Dynasty of Kusa, the Son of Lord Ramacandra
  • The Story of Nimi and the Dynasty of his Son Mithila
  • King Pururavu Enchanted by Urvasi
  • Parasurama, the Lord's Warrior Incarnation
  • How Lord Parasurama Came to Destroy the Ruling Class Twenty-one Times
  • The Dynasties of the Sons of Purûravâ
  • King Yayati Regains His Youth
  • King Yayati Achieves Liberation: the Goats of Lust
  • The Dynasty of Puru up to Bharata
  • The Dynasty of Bharata: the Story of Rantideva
  • The Descendants of Ajamîdha: the Pândavas and Kauravas
  • The Dynasties of the Sons of Yayâti: the Appearance of Lord Krishna
  • The Yadu and Vrishni Dynasties, Prithâ and the Glory of Lord Krishna
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    SOURCE: Translation: Anand Aadhar Prabhu, http://bhagavata.org/

    Production: the Filognostic Association of The Order of Time, with special thanks to Sakhya Devi Dasi for proofreading and correcting the manuscript. http://theorderoftime.com/info/guests-friends.html

    The sourcetexts, illustrations and music to this translation one can find following the links from: http://bhagavata.org/